With the world we live in today, it can be very difficult at times to feel that we are anything more than a number, just one tooth on the cog in a giant machine. This is because of much of the world exists on the public plane, subject to the opinions and viewpoints of everyone around, as well as subject to the laws, rules and regulations of government. This makes it hard to feel like we have any control over our lives, and this has led many people into despair for various reasons.

Man is a private creature, and I believe that this is by design. God made us individuals, a single soul or consciousness embedded within a single body. As such, we need the companionship and socialization that comes from living with other people, but this does not in any way negate our own individualities. We still have the innate desire to have control over our own lives, to choose the circumstances under which we live and work and play. Living in the public domain tends to make this difficult because those in power have gone to great lengths to establish control over us all, and the powerful do not like to surrender control pnce they have it.

The problem is that it is very difficult for most people to imagine being able to live any other way. They do not understand that there is a perfectly lawful and reasonable means of comporting yourself in the private domain. They think that, since the government says they are citizens and citizens are subject to the law, there can be no escape or relief.

Fortunately, this is not at all true.

There Is A Choice

This is why I wrote the book Absolute Liberty: Living in the Private. Too many people simply don’t understand the difference, or the impact it can have on your life when you make the wrong moves. With just the book alone, you’ll learn how to deal with things like:

  • Civil Lawsuits

  • Pro Se Litigation

  • Criminal Charges

  • Unavoidable Public Transactions

  • Conducting Private Business Affairs

  • Personal Asset Protection

  • Debt Collection Relief

and a great deal more.

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